The Power of Local Talent & Diversity

In-house development of home-grown talent is almost always the preferred route for growing as a team and as a bank. The benefits are numerous and long-term, increasing job satisfaction, performance, economic development, and overall company growth. Naturally there are initial costs for developing an effective training programme for ideally a variety of subjects that correspond to employees’ individual passions, but Richard Branson did not have it wrong when he said to ‘take care of your employees first’.

A more focused and impassioned workforce not only makes Deltec a leading employer in The Bahamas, but a bank of choice for its global client base. Let’s take a look at Deltec’s multi-faceted approach to professional development.

Germaine Simmons-Dean, a new manager for Deltec Bank’s ‘EAM Desk’, began her career at UBS as a client service associate and gained in her words a ‘wealth of experience’ equipping her for the leader that she is today. She joined Deltec in 2018 during a period of exceptional growth and she has contributed to that growth consistently for the last six years. 

‘Magic happens when capable and diverse minds come together, singularly focused on solving the task at hand,’ says Germaine, Manager of Deltec’s EAM Desk.

Recently, Deltec Bank promoted Germaine as she values entrepreneurship and wanted the opportunity to lead a team of her own. A month in, it’s already clear that she has integrated well with her new team–which she calls a ‘highly cohesive unit’ and with ‘diverse mindsets’ not afraid to pitch new ideas in making tailored client solutions. Germaine has been and continues to be, a vital member that makes Deltec the bank it is.

What Is Training and Development at Deltec?

‘Global wealth management, with all of its various jurisdictions, clients and cultures, requires an equally diverse team that feels valued and excited,’ says Wellington Hepburn, Head of Training & Development at Deltec

Wellington Hepburn, an international speaker, author and human resources consultant, brings an exceptional amount of energy to his role alongside two decades of human resources experience. Prior to joining Deltec in August 2023, he was the President of The Bahamas Society for Human Resources Management and Senior Manager of Organisational Development at Commonwealth Bank Limited for five years.

In his words, he sought out Deltec for its emphasis on ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ to established norms in the human resources arena. ‘It brings me great joy to be able to implement policies and programs that enhance both the skills of our employees and their overall journey,’ says Wellington. ‘Frankly, it’s just incredible to be here.’

Continuous learning and development is a pillar of what it means to be a part of Deltec. No matter the age of any employee, they are encouraged to learn new skills and pursue their curiosities, whether they are the CEO or the newest analyst to join.

Wellington’s personal motto is ‘As We Grow Together’ and this mindset he applies to training and development at Deltec. It was something of a no-brainer to hire Wellington himself when he answered that ‘professionals become unstoppable when they commit to continuous learning.’

Leading The Bahamas

In 2022, Deltec made the strategic decision to acquire Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited, one of the first private banks to call The Bahamas home in 1957. It was a rare opportunity to bring in the highly experienced and versatile staff that gave Ansbacher its prestige. It was also a central part of Deltec’s three-year plan to become a bank that excels as both a traditional wealth manager and technology-focused solutions provider catering to the global citizen.

‘It’s important to have a goal and a dream, and then to let your colleagues offer their unique viewpoints as you continue to grow,’ explains Indira, a recently promoted Relationship Manager with Deltec’s Private Client Team.

Indira Wilson joined Deltec in July 2022 as part of the acquisition of Ansbacher and quickly impressed her new team as a capable, proactive relationship manager. ‘My career has been progressive, exciting and challenging,’ says Indira. ‘Being able to speak with my supervisor often on where I see myself in the company, and then hearing their thoughtful feedback, has been immensely satisfying.’

Exceptionally, Indira is committed to obtaining an MBA in the anticipation of taking on additional leadership opportunities with Deltec in the future. Both her supervisor and human resources have provided advice tailored to her interests as she embarks on this exciting, new academic chapter.

Driving Positive Change

At Deltec, all employees are encouraged to present ideas for their own continuous development and engagement with the wider financial services community–whether in The Bahamas, the Caribbean, or further abroad.

‘I feel enthusiastic about embracing new challenges and driving positive change,’ writes Moses, a Compliance Officer with Deltec Bank.

Moses Darville began his career as an assistant relationship manager with Julius Baer, but quickly found himself drawn to the complex legal challenges inherent in succeeding within compliance. ‘I joined Deltec because of its strong reputation as a leading financial institution,’ says Moses. ‘The company’s values on continuous development reflect my own. Especially, I love their global outlook and their ambitious mindset for approaching new jurisdictions. It’s the place to be for compliance!’

Moses expressed an interest in attending as many professional seminars as possible, becoming acquainted with new practices, regulations and laws in the dynamically evolving industry that is wealth management. Training and development at Deltec did not hesitate to answer that request, eager that he grow to become an ambassador for Deltec within the wider financial services community.

Developing With Deltec

Deltec is creating a multi-faceted training and development strategy allowing every team member to improve their capabilities, both for their current positions and for the future. Ranging from in-person workshops, external seminars, coaching and self-paced online learning, employees can develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve high performance in their roles.

Proactive leadership development and succession planning are also critical milestones of the training and development strategy. ‘Organizations that maintain long-term success, know that this success comes through their people.” says Hepburn. Therefore, Deltec is building a Leadership Development Program to invest in the skill development of key leaders and staff across the organization. Succession plans are crucially important to ensure that knowledge transfer is occurring across the company, and that the organization can continue producing value for customers in the future.

The common thread between Germaine, Wellington, Indira, and Moses is an excitement and a willingness to continuously learn. Each employee, with their unique experiences and perspectives, enriches Deltec and raises the standard of its client service. Committing to Bahamian talent and their potential is the most rewarding way to demonstrate our commitment to our global clients, wherever in the world they call home.