Complaints Policy

Deltec Bank & Trust Limited is committed to ensuring that our clients receive genuine and superior client service and that any client complaints are taken seriously. Superior client service and experience is one of our key business objectives. Therefore, we are committed to resolving complaints and concerns in an efficient and timely manner. Our policy is that:

  • All complaints are handled fairly and objectively.
  • Complaints received regarding our service delivery levels are thoroughly assessed, investigated and resolved in a timely manner.


Complaint Channels

Complaints are accepted both verbally and in writing via face-to-face interaction, telephone, letter, or email.

The Complaint Process

  • Initial complaints are submitted to the Relationship Manager (RM) or Customer Service Officer (CSO).
  • The RM or CSO acknowledges the complaint and ensures timely resolution of the matter.
  • If no immediate resolution, the RM or CSO will escalate to the applicable Head of the Department or the Managing Director (MD) of the Division.
  • If not resolved to the satisfaction of the client, the client then submits a formal complaint to the Complaints Management Unit (CMU). 

To file a formal complaint to the CMU, send an email or provide a formal complaint letter to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name, contact information (including email address) and account number
  • The nature of the complaint
  • Details relevant to the complaint and with whom it has already been discussed
  • Proposed resolution