Meet Candice Murton: Managing Director Of Finance

Meet Candice Murton, Deltec Bank and Trust’s very own Managing Director of Finance. Candice joined our team in 2021 as Chief Operating Officer of Deltec Fund Services Limited and made an immediate impact, making her the natural candidate for her current role.

With an MBA in Chartered Banking, she has held senior positions at several global financial institutions. With over 13 years of experience, Candice brings a wealth of expertise to Deltec Bank in the areas of auditing, accounting, reporting standards, and internal control and risk framework implementation policies. She is looking forward to strengthening Deltec’s position as an industry leader in the sector by continuing to provide high quality services to clients and improving workflow processes.

Candice strives to strategically support Deltec’s leadership team through transformative operation processes incorporating technology and automation techniques across teams. 

As Managing Director of Finance, Candice will champion open lines of communication and strengthen relationships with clients and Deltec stakeholders to support the company’s continued growth.