Deltec Invites Viewers to ‘Connect with Business Leaders’ in One Minute

Deltec International Group (‘Deltec’) and its Corporate Advisory arm has launched its first video series entitled “Connecting Innovations in One Minute.” In this video series, Deltec highlights what companies and business leaders are doing to confront new challenges posed by COVID-19, using innovation, technology and business planning. More importantly, it shows how their approach is helping to protect the health and the wealth of others.

‘Connecting Innovations in One Minute’ is presented as having a direct conversation with the key players of global innovative companies in one-minute self-recorded videos, as they offer insight on Business, Innovations and Plan (BIP) in an authentic and meaningful way. More specifically, featured leaders address their business, innovative solutions, and path for next six to twelve months.

Deltec’s new video series include messages from:

  • Hugo Rogers, Chief Investment Officer at Deltec Bank & Trust;
  • Nina Deka, Senior Research Analyst at ROBO Global;
  • Vasudev Bailey, Partner at ARTIS Ventures; and
  • Ye Tian, CEO of Theravectys

Through this video series, Deltec has made a commitment to connect with global business leaders in order to share their progress and build collaborative insights on how to navigate and ultimately recover from global crises. Furthermore, Deltec is focused on building a global voice for a global audience in this fight, leading with innovation.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people and businesses to rethink how they protect their health and wealth, and we are taking important steps to ensure that a global audience can engage with and learn more about what innovative businesses are doing during these challenging times” said Sam Van, Senior Vice President of Deltec Corporate Advisory. “The video messages are shared on Deltec’s website for the global audience who value insights on current events and innovation. Deltec is pleased to invite persons to connect with innovation, and not COVID-19” he added.

‘Connecting Innovations in One Minute’ can be found on Deltec’s website at

About Deltec Corporate Advisory

Deltec Corporate Advisory (“DCA”) is an affiliate of Deltec Investment Advisers Limited. DCA advises international entrepreneurs & corporations (private and public) seeking entry to North American Capital Markets and guides them through the IPO, and listing process. DCA’s helps clients achieve clarity to the IPO process by reducing time and cost to generate value to shareholders and stakeholders.