Deltec Hosts Training Workshop for Recently Promoted Employees

Deltec Bank’s (DBT) Human Resources team recently launched a quarterly training workshop to highlight recently promoted employees within the Bank and share principles and strategies that would help them to feel equipped and successful in their new roles.

The first training session took place on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at The Island House. Employees who were promoted within the last 12 months were invited. The training kicked off with a lively and interactive ice breaker facilitated by Suncher Outten, DBT Employee Engagement & Training Officer.

DBT CEO Odetta Morton, spoke to the participants on the topic of “Strategy and Succession:
Your Role In Deltec’s Future”. DBT Head of Training & Development, Wellington Hepburn gave a presentation that focused on showing leaders how to maximize their team’s contributions. He also facilitated a team training exercise to help participants hone their innovation skills.

Local HR Expert and Motivational Speaker, Amad Thompson presented on the topic “Essentials For Managing Customers”. He gave a dynamic presentation which focused on several critical questions related to managing our customers (see bullets below). While understanding and managing the external customer is critical, he also highlighted that the internal customer (our Deltec team members) are equally as important.

• What steps do we take to proactively and consistently manage our customers?
• Do we make it a priority to communicate regularly with our customers?
• How do we anticipate and exceed our customer needs?
• How do we help our clients to understand the value proposition of Deltec?
• Are we responsive to customer questions and queries on a daily basis?

The workshop also included an interesting interview segment titled, “Becoming My Best Self”, where Suncher interviewed Wellington, a seasoned Talent Development Professional, and Patrice Taylor, a retired private banker, HR expert and motivational speaker with 20+ years of business experience.

The interview covered direct and practical steps for our team members to be their best selves through consistent and proactive professional development. The presenters encouraged the audience of employees to prioritize their learning and development, and seek out on a weekly basis, ways for themselves to develop, become better and continue to add organizational value. Patrice and Wellington shared thoughts on self-development, along with personal stories about how proactively learning has helped them to remain “ahead of the pack” in terms of impact and effectiveness.

Hepburn told the group, “As we move forward as an organization, great focus and intentionality will be spent investing in our people, as your ideas, improvements and strategies are a major contributor to our bank remaining competitive, profitable and innovative.”

Tokens of appreciation were presented to all promoted employees, as a way of saying “thank you” for their contributions to the company.

In closing the workshop, Wellington sought to convey the message that Deltec values its employees and believes that they are indeed vital to the company’s success. Hepburn noted, “We celebrate with you and your recent promotion, and we want you to be successful. We are also here to help you along the way. Stay tuned for more updates on training programs to build your capabilities from the Training Department.”

Feedback from the workshop revealed that the participants thoroughly enjoyed the learning opportunity, and will use the information shared to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities. Additionally, the promoted leaders also shared that the workshop was very timely and relevant.