Deltec Cares reaches out to feed families in need

On July 7th and 8th, Deltec staff reached out to members of the Adelaide and Bain and Grants Town communities in The Bahamas through Deltec Cares (Deltec’s philanthropic initiative to support survivors of natural disasters) with a much-needed donation. 

Since the wake of Hurricane Dorian in September 2019, the Deltec Cares Committee has been dedicated to assisting families that have been affected by the monster storm, but given the threat and economic fall-out caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative has extended its reach to the people most affected by this.

The Deltec Cares Committee proudly presented Super Value grocery vouchers valued at $120 each to 100 senior citizens and unemployed persons who reside in the neighboring community of Adelaide in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Marjorie Bullard, the coordinator for the Adelaide community expressed the community’s gratitude for the assistance. She noted “This donation is such a blessing for our senior citizens and persons who are unemployed with children.  We are very grateful and thankful to Deltec for this timely gift especially right before a holiday.”

The Committee also delivered 100 food packages (valued at $120 each) to Rev. CB Moss Feeding Program which provides meals for less fortunate members of the Bain & Grants Town communities and others who are in need.  The presentation took place at Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Coordinator of the program, Ms. Moss thanked Deltec for the kind gesture. She noted, “We are so appreciative of this donation. There are members of our community who can barely afford to feed themselves so a donation like this will go a long way.”

This initiative shows that the Deltec family recognizes that feeding people during a time of need can change, and even save someone’s life; giving them hope that humanity is good. We look forward to continuing to adopt a spirit of volunteerism and helping others less fortunate during these difficult times.

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