Deltec Bank Enters Second Half of 2023 Poised for Accelerated Client Growth, Solid Financial Performance

Deltec Bank Enters Second Half of 2023 Poised for Accelerated Client Growth, Solid Financial Performance

Deltec Bank and Trust Limited (“Deltec Bank”), a leading private and corporate bank, today released an update on its 2023 outlook, projecting growth.

“As we head into the second half of 2023, Deltec Bank is strongly positioned for continued growth and outstanding performance,” said Odetta Morton, CEO of Deltec Bank. “Deltec Bank’s historical performance serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented team, as well as the loyalty of our valued clients and partners. We are poised to launch several exciting initiatives in the coming months and anticipate growth in our client base as we continue to provide cutting edge, world-class services.”

Deltec Bank released a summary of key indicators regarding its financial health and stability going into H2 2023, demonstrating that its conservative strategy continues to serve as one of its core strengths:

  • Deltec Bank reported a capital ratio of 19%* as of 31 May 2023. Deltec Bank demonstrates that there is no threat to the Bank’s sustainability, safety, and soundness by maintaining a high capital ratio.
  • With a liquidity ratio of 96%* Deltec Bank notes that it is capable of meeting all of its clients’ needs. Against the backdrop of recent U.S. bank failures, this has become an even more important metric in assessing the financial health of a bank.

The outlook for Deltec Bank in the second half of 2023 is highly positive, as the Bank looks forward to maintaining its upward trajectory.

Deltec Bank has a strong 77-year history serving global, rapidly-scaling entrepreneurs – where speed, innovation, reliability, and security remain paramount. The Bank has focused on designing a business model that can withstand the pressure of an ever-changing financial environment by adhering to strict oversight and fiduciary principles, maintaining strong capital and liquidity, and keeping a conservative balance sheet.

Deltec Bank recently released its audited financial statements as of December 31, 2022 at

Why Are Capital Ratios Vital? 

They indicate whether any bank has enough capital to withstand losses in its assets. They are calculated as capital to risk-adjusted assets. Capital refers to the money a bank has raised through debt, equity, or profit. Risk-adjusted assets refer to the assets a bank holds weighted by their relative safety, with virtually riskless positions, such as U.S. treasury bills given 0% weightings and private loans often weighted much higher. 

Deltec Bank’s capital ratio demonstrates its leading strength relative to its international peers. A reading of 19% states that the Bank’s capital stands at 19% of all risk-adjusted assets, well above the minimum requirement of 10.5% under Basil III rules.  

What Is a Liquidity Ratio? 

Liquidity measures the bank’s ability to handle upcoming expenses and liabilities. It is calculated as current assets to current liabilities, with “current” referring to a period of less than 12 months. Often, the liquidity ratio is referred to as the current ratio for this reason. 

A ratio markedly below 100%, such as 60%, suggests mismanagement or poor company health. The target range, which Deltec Bank satisfies at a solid 96%, stands between approximately 100% and 200%. An excessively high liquidity ratio suggests that assets are not being used effectively.