Deltec Bank Announces Title Sponsorship of HEALinc Future Health Summit

Deltec Bank & Trust Limited (“Deltec Bank”) announced its partnership with the 2024 HEALinc Future Health Summit, which will take place between April 28 and 30 at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

HEALinc is hosting its annual three-day event with over 350 health innovators and investors projected to be in attendance. The event features the world’s leading voices discussing the future of longevity technologies and regenerative health. Founded by Dr. Desirée Cox in 2018, HEALinc’s mission is to advance the future of healthcare through technology and to mentor future health leaders.

The annual summit draws the world’s top scientists, investors, healthcare providers, longevity tech and stem cell companies who share a passion for thinking boldly about the technologies and solutions that can enhance the quality of life through responsible longevity and regenerative therapies.

Event founder and organizer, Dr. Cox is the first Bahamian Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of Oxford University. She has for the last decade accelerated global access to regenerative medicines–earning the International Advocacy Action Award at the World Stem Cell Summit in 2018 and the Golden Jubilee Independence Award of Supreme Honor in 2023.

Dr. Cox is joined by more than 30 other speakers, including a Distinguished Professor of the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in Singapore, Dr. Brian Kennedy, and Elizabeth Parish, the Founder and CEO of BioViva Sciences USA Inc., a forerunner advancing combinatorial gene therapies.

“The traditional approach has been to accept aging, and in the very literal sense to allow life to pass by,” said Dr. Cox. “No more. Stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and holistic regenerative therapies can and do work. The issue is access, which is why I launched the HEALinc Summit in 2018, which welcomed hundreds of guests from around the world in the first year.”

Deltec Bank joined on as a partner in this event as it continues to support the progress that innovation promises across all sectors. The Bank proudly serves companies and entrepreneurs that actively work to address the global need for streamlined access to the latest regenerative healthcare that doesn’t simply attach band-aids–but tangibly improves the lives and lifespans of potentially billions of people.

Further, there is the pressing need to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and forward thinkers with the innovators that are making the future of health possible. HEALinc is the platform for connecting the leading voices across the world in a jurisdiction that has recognised the importance of health innovation. Deltec is the Bank supporting innovation and making connections that drive progress forward.

 “We’re excited to partner with the Healinc Future Health Innovation Summit and welcome some of the world’s top scientists and investors to The Bahamas,” said Odetta Morton, CEO of Deltec Bank. “Deltec Bank’s mission is to support the innovators across all sectors, including those who have taken the mantle of creating the future of health. The Bahamas recognized the importance of stem cell and gene therapy in 2013 and welcomed its first dedicated facility in 2016. We believe in helping to foster connections that will prove to be a key part of accelerating progress in these areas. We also commend Dr. Cox on her visionary leadership in this space as one of our leading Bahamian women”, she continued.  

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About HEALinc

HEALinc stands for Health, Self-Efficacy, Analytics, and Life-Design Incubator. Founded by Dr. Desirée Cox (MD, MPhil, PhD) in 2018, The HEALinc is a Future Health Research and Development (R&D) organization with the mission of advancing the future of healthcare through cutting-edge technology, creative healing products, mentorship of future health leaders, and education on scientific breakthroughs.

 About Deltec Bank & Trust

Deltec Bank is a leading private and corporate bank with a history of growth and stability spanning 77 years. Deltec Bank has long prioritized forward-thinking financial solutions through industry-leading services that are aligned with a rigorous risk framework and highly prudent standards.

Deltec Bank accelerates the growth of innovation in partnership with global entrepreneurs, leveraging an expanded ecosystem of regulated service providers covering multi-currency banking and investment management supported by institutional-grade trading and payments.