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As a Bahamian institution since the 1950s, Deltec has always been a dedicated supporter of The Bahamas. This is our country, where we work and live, and its well-being conditions our existence. The Bahamian creative world is rich with talent, but faces constant challenges due to a lack of exposure and funding.


"To help young, undiscovered Bahamian Artists and Artisans to develop their talents, enhance their career in the arts and fulfill their dreams.


“To support budding, Bahamian entrepreneurs with the development of their companies, discovery of opportunities to enhance their business prospects and realization of their highest potential.”

The Deltec Initiatives Foundation is funded by Deltec Bank & Trust Limited, managed and animated by a group of dedicated volunteers amongst the Deltec staff, giving generously their time and energy to help others. As such, 100% of the contribution and support given to the Foundation goes directly to our young Bahamian Artists, Artisans or Entrepreneurs.

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