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All-in-One Banking & Wealth Planning Platform for Global Entrepreneurs

Bespoke, Holistic Wealth Planning

Our clients see us as wealth doctors. We diligently guard their long-term financial wellbeing with specialists for every stage of life, from securing your family’s financial future, to optimising your global tax compliance, to addressing the complexities of entrepreneurial success.

Our clients highly value asset security across multiple generations. Utilising the century-long legal pedigree serving The Bahamas’ jurisdiction, we provide the necessary structures and tools vital to protecting legacies.

Multi-Asset Investment Management

Our investment process is comprised of a robust investment research and advisory framework, and a disciplined portfolio construction methodology. Both are designed to generate the optimal risk-adjusted returns for our clients, within their risk profiles, and in accordance with their investment parameters.


Clients use our mortgage and lombard facility to seize investment opportunities, optimise cash flow, or diversity portfolio positions. With minimal rates and dedicated service, financing with us is designed for you to seize any opportunity.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Both our online platform and mobile app offer the necessity of instant access. Together with a multi-currency account, global card, and the latest in encrypted security, we set the new definition of what it means to support global citizens.

Comprehensive Solutions
For Your Life Ambitions

Growing Wealth

We bring together experts from across the world to build holistic financial plans and design the roadmap to realising your wealth potential.

Wealth Transfer Planning

Protect your family and your tomorrow with a lifeboat of assets that can be there for them no matter what.

Accessing Liquidity

Seize opportunities with our Asset Protection Release and other unique solutions, which provide timely access to liquidity for whatever you need.

Wealth & Legacy Protection

Secure your assets against unknown or unplanned risks through a strategy tailored to you, including asset allocation, estate planning, tax optimisation, and captive insurance amongst many other tools.

One bank, anywhere in the world


Multi-Currency Accounts

Spend, send and receive in over 100 countries at local exchange rates. Operate with all major cryptocurrencies. No hidden fees.

Make your capital work for you.

Discuss personalised Lombard loans and mortgages that best support your journey. Manage them seamlessly wherever you are.

Invest, like never before.

Utilise a vast range of investment instruments accessing the world's major exchanges. Let 24/7, integrated analytics guide and guard your financial health.

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Cash Equivalents
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Funds
  • Options
  • Structured Products
  • Precious Metals

Security Matters

Deltec Bank is fully licensed, regulated and supervised in accordance with the governing 
laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

We are FATCA and CRS compliant, maintaining a robust anti-money laundering framework and extensive controls to ensure privacy.


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Regulated by Central Bank of The Bahamas and Securities Commission of The Bahamas

A borderless card that means the world to global citizens

Private banking has a whole new meaning

Access cash in over 100 currencies. Spend, plan, and protect your assets.

Customised rewards, just for you

We decided to offer card rewards that matter. Bespoke rewards that maximise your life.


No Question, Left Unanswered.

Deltec has a 75+ year history of financial stability, a highly-disciplined approach with billions in assets under management, and a team of over 100-people – with globally focused portfolio managers, investment analysts, economists, strategists, traders, trust officers, lawyers and certified public accountants.

The security of our clients’ assets is the cornerstone of what we do. We operate with no debt, no proprietary trading*, no commercial loans, and no leverage. We remain conservative in our credit policies given our commitment to sound capitalisation, and all relevant regulatory requirements.

* We do not operate a balance sheet based banking model. This means we do not make our money by earning interests by investing our clients deposits. We generate income on fees for offering excellent banking services. This means the Bank will never be exposed to a liquidity/maturity mismatch that caused the 2023 banking failures.

Deltec maintains zero risk exposure to crypto. While we support innovators who are working to create novel solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges, we do not allow that to increase our risk as a bank.

We do not provide digital asset services. We neither hold nor trade digital assets for our own account or on behalf of our clients.

We do provide private or corporate banking, investment and wealth planning, trust, and fiduciary services to global entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators.

Our clients choose us for our demonstrated expertise in managing and advising on complex, global affairs as they affect their wealth and their professional endeavours.

We’re particularly good at helping high-net-worth individuals and families navigate challenges and leverage opportunities created by globalisation. We maintain thought leadership on global events affecting wealth planning and ensure continued compliance with evolving international laws and regulations.

Entrepreneurs and families have trusted Deltec Bank for generations. You can rely on Deltec Bank to be there at every stage of your financial journey — and as fiduciaries, we have a duty to always put your interests first.

Our expertise in global financial markets and structuring wealth for generations have made Deltec Bank a leading institution, while our conservative strategy, strong balance sheet and history of profitability make us a secure and stable partner.

The Bahamas remains a prominent international financial centre for its ongoing commitment to global banking. As a common law jurisdiction, investors access the full range of trusts, foundations, and intergenerational structures for both fiat and alternative assets. Uniquely, the jurisdiction has also incorporated Luxembourg’s “Stiftung” to welcome clients from civil law jurisdictions.

Entrepreneurs and innovators are continuously welcomed, demonstrated by the presence of many investment managers and business leaders with a global, no-borders view. For example, health tourism has long sat at the top of the nation’s agenda since early last decade.

This follows the $410 million transformation of Nassau’s international airport, which was completed in 2013. It now serves direct flights to London, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Panama City, among others.

Finally, in response to the rise in remote working following COVID-19, the nation improved its economic permanent residency programme by opening a pathway to citizenship after ten years.

Learn more about The Bahamas as a Financial Centre.

The whole world steps aside for the person who knows where they’re going.

The whole world steps aside for the person who knows where they’re going.

Safeguard future, family, and legacy, all with one global bank.
Access competitive financing and clinch the prize contracts.
Scale projects, build teams, and develop new horizons with cutting-edge finance.
The world is the oyster for the globally-minded entrepreneur.

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