Members of our investment team have been ranked #1 by external surveys for their research and analysis.

Deltec produces proprietary investment research for both private and institutional clients globally. Our investment research is focused on producing insightful research and generating investable ideas that add value to our clients’ portfolios:

  • High Quality Content: We generate relevant global strategy & economics research and analysis and bespoke research projects, not maintenance reporting.
  • Independent Views: Our views are not influenced by investment banking relationships, and are often backed by Deltec’s funds.
  • Exclusive Access: We provide our investment research to only a very limited number of clients.

Investment Research Process

Our investment research & analysis process is highly disciplined, yet dynamic – just as investment markets are. We are constantly engaged in the pursuit of investment ideas that can generate additional investment returns for our clients.

  • Analytical Framework: Deltec’s analytical framework is designed to capture a broad range of investment ideas across numerous geographies and asset classes, and through a highly structured filter assess value, monitor momentum and identify catalysts. This disciplined analytical framework leads to investment opportunities.
  • Investment Opportunities: Deltec’s investment opportunities set includes all geographies and all asset classes, alleviating the restrictions faced by processes that only use single geographies or single asset classes. It is the ability to express investment ideas across multiple Investment Opportunities that provides our Clients with the most insightful research and best investable ideas. 

Deltec Investment Research Services

Deltec Markets Monday

  • A weekly snapshot of key investment market and economic data (across all major asset classes and regions), including Deltec’s viewpoint
  • Preview of the current week’s most relevant economic data (across major regions)


Conference Call

  • 15 minute weekly discussion of relevant investment market movements, upcoming economic data, news flow and Deltec’s latest viewpoint
  • Live discussion with Q&A at 8:30 am US Eastern Time every Monday (replay available)

Investment Research

Quarterly Global Strategy Outlook

  • Comprehensive presentation covering Deltec’s economic and market outlook for the US, Europe, China, commodities and currencies
  • Update on market valuation, momentum and performance Indicators across all major asset classes and regions
  • Recommended investment positioning across asset allocation and within asset classes for core (long-term) and tactical (short – medium term) portfolios and direct investments

To find out more about subscribing to the Deltec Investment Research Services, please contact us.