Over Deltec’s history across both public and private investments, we have developed a highly specialized investment platform that continues to evolve, just as markets do. As an independent institution, we are able to offer a truly open architecture platform. The success of our platform is built on the intellect of our team, the intelligence of our ideas and the discipline of our process.

The Deltec platform provides a bespoke offering for investments, encompassing the following:

  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Investment Research & Advisory
  • Brokerage & Trading
  • Investment Funds
  • Direct Investments
  • Performance Analytics

Drawing on the depth and diversity of our investment professionals - whose expertise spans all major asset classes, markets and currencies - we are able to generate unique investment ideas across the risk spectrum. Working in a highly collegiate environment, our team openly exchanges ideas, information, research and analysis to provide our clients with individual investment insights and holistic investment solutions.


Our investment process is comprised of a robust investment research & advisory framework and a disciplined portfolio construction methodology, both designed to generate the best risk adjusted returns for our clients within their risk profile and in accordance with their investment parameters.

Investment Markets & Fund Research and Analysis

Deltec’s Investment Markets analytical process is based on a macroeconomic framework using proprietary economic and market based leading indicators.

Deltec’s Investment Fund research process utilizes in-house expertise to undertake investment manager research across a broad universe of fund strategies. Our experienced investment professionals analyze performance and portfolio exposures through rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Visit Investment Markets Research to learn more.

Portfolio Advice and Construction

Deltec’s investment management offering is unique - it is designed entirely around the individual investment objectives (Capital Growth, Income, or Growth) and risk profile (Conservative, Balanced, or Aggressive) of clients and their families, rather than any generic model that does not distinguish between a client’s investment objectives and risk profile.

Deltec provides clients with direct access to all elements of the wealth creation process - through a Core, Tactical and an Opportunistic Portfolio - all converging to provide an overall Client Portfolio that is as unique as our individual clients.