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Ty Cox

Baritone Opera Singer

Ty is a young, yet exceptionally versatile musician, with an affinity for singing baritone opera. Though born with congenital amputation (without one limb), he never stopped working hard to achieve his dream. His biggest hurdle, along with limited exposure, has been the lack of financial resources accessible to classical music in the Bahamas.
Ty successfully applied to the University of New Mexico, but was unable to fund the tuition fees. Through the Deltec Initiative for the Arts Foundation, and thanks to the generous contribution from members of the Deltec board and friends, he received the complementary funding needed.

Nastassia Pratt

Watercolor and Architectural Model Artist

A self-taught artist, Nastassia has always been fascinated by the Bahamian homes found in the more historic neighbourhoods in Nassau, commonly referred to as ‘Over-the-hill’. These homes have lived generations of Bahamians and are some of the last examples of traditional vernacular architecture.
Her successful sold-out exhibition at Deltec Bank has enable Nastassia to fund her last year of architectural studies.

Muin 242

Student Band

This group of 5 students from the College of the Bahamas (now University of The Bahamas) came together in the Fall of 2013 when they enrolled in MUIN 255 - a one-credit course. Their passion for music and their love for their culture brought them together to explore the world of Bahamian composers.
Muin 242 aimed to record a CD, that showcased the diversity of Bahamian music and composers, and encourages younger Bahamians to appreciate the beauty and complexity of this music. This goal caught the attention of Deltec Initiative for the Arts Foundation, and resulted in the sponsorship of Muin 242’s first CD production.

Lia Ritchie

Intaglio Artist

A trained painter, Lia attained her Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College in Boston and developed a specialization in printmaking. Lia often uses her art as a safe space in which to deal with the many personal struggles she has endured in her life.
For Lia, the Deltec exhibition has given her the opportunity to hone her skills and explore the unlimited potential in both her work and the printmaking world.

Chavez Parker, Courtney Newbold, Matthew Johnson

Student Musicians

Three talented musicians from the University of the Bahamas came together with a common goal to help others.
Chavez writes, composes, and produces music of various genres. As young as he is, Chavez is one of the founding members of the Grand Bahama Youth Choir, where he also served as the Junior Artistic Director for two years. He hopes to advocate for other talented, Bahamian musicians so that they do not have to sideline their passion due to the lack of finances and opportunities.
Courtney, gifted with a beautiful soprano voice is studying music education. She hopes to use her gift to instill passion for music among the youth in the Bahamas.
For Matthew, music is more than simply playing an instrument, or singing. It is the true universal language, a form of expression, and a way of forming connections and bonds with others. His love and belief in music is guiding Matthew towards studying music therapy to help others.
All they wanted was a platform to work on their performing skills, and at the Deltec Annual Conference, our guests had the pleasure of witnessing these three extraordinary young talents in action.

Linnea Chisholm

Fashion Designer

Fascinated by designer fashion from a very young age, Linnea started cutting, sewing, and designing her own clothes as a teenager. Driven and dedicated, Linnea went on to study fashion design.
In 2016, the Deltec Initiative for the Arts Foundation sponsored Linnea’s debut fashion show, where she single-handedly designed and produced an entire collection. Following the showcase, Linnea created the LIVI fashion line - honouring her roots with beautiful reversible swimwear that allows her wearers to move and play, in style. She strives to make beautifully designed, yet affordable fashion in, and for her home country.

Anaard Lunn


Born in Nassau, Anaard Lunn is a graduate of the College of the Bahamas with a Bachelors degree in Biology, and a minor in Chemistry. Despite his love for the sciences, the arts have been a passion for Anaard as long as he can remember. In Grade 2, he won his first art competition with Doongalik Art Studio, at only 6 years old. A self-taught artist, he went on to win the Central Bank of the Bahamas Art Competition at age 14, with his abstract painting “New Woman Sleeping”, and again at age 16, with another abstract piece “Unknown Thoughts”.
Anaard’s aim with his art is to bring love, joy and smile. At the Deltec exhibition, he has definitely succeeded. Each piece of work was filled with colors and happiness that captivated our guests.

Diara Ferguson

Fabric Designer

A fashion stylist by day, and artist by night - Diara lives and breathes fashion. Growing up with a Junkanoo artist father, Diara spent most of her time painting and creating textile designs.
Mentored by her grandmother honing her sewing skill, she became a natural fashion designer. With the sponsorship of Deltec Initiative, Diara designed her fabric, and created an entire collection, dedicated to the Bahamian woman’s vibrant, and often colourful personality. The ‘Tri-Bull’ collection was showcased to an international audience at Deltec Annual Conference in 2016.

Francesca Curry

Graphic Designer

Francesca Curry is a Bahamian Italian graphic designer. She attended Pratt Institute where she studied graphic design and illustration. She likes vibrant colours, textures, quirky flat illustrations, fun textiles, and the work of Henri Matisse and Amos Ferguson.
Inspired by the myth that sand dollars are said to be the lost coins of mermaids, Francesca created a series of tablecloth designs depicting the mermaid’s voyage to safe keep her coins in her chosen coral reefs for the 2017 Deltec Conference Gala dinner.

Kirk Deal


An emerging young talent, Kirk’s inspiration stemmed from the Bahamas’ rich heritage routed in Junkanoo. He fused this cultural phenomenon with a combination of the Polynesian’s intricate attention to detail in their symbolic tribal designs, along with the structured African human-like silhouette drawings from Junkanoo’s social origin. Collectively, these inspiring cultures have allowed Kirk to manipulate realistic figures into abstract artwork with the use of a combination of acrylic paint, pouring and dripping, sawdust and sharpie fine marker detailing, creating visually stimulating, yet cohesive art.

Chris d’Albenas


At the age of 18, Chris d’Albenas left Nassau to pursue Art Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design. Due to life’s circumstances - after graduation, he had to put his passion aside and take up other jobs back in The Bahamas. Through the years, Chris has aken every opportunity he could to continue expressing his love for the craft and making art. Finally, Deltec Initiatives Foundation exhibition gave Chris the encouragement he needed to focus on getting back into his art, and presenting his debut solo exhibition.