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Joshua Miller

Limeade Bahamas

Joshua Miller’s late father had a family recipe for making limeade. He used indigenous limes along with other natural fruits to create his blueprint -putting a Bahamian twist on the traditional lemonade. Unlike most bottled, fruit drink products, Limeade Bahamas’ beverages are not made from concentrate, nor use artificial syrups or flavourings. The product is made with fresh limes, purified water, unrefined sugar cane and fresh fruits, which gives Limeade Bahamas a distinct taste that separates it from other beverages in the market.

Limes are handpicked and locally grown in the Bahamas!

Genaye Sherman

Art(sea) Creative

Art(sea) Creative is the brain child of its principal artist Genaye Sherman. From painting to sculpture, Genaye Sherman does it all. What started as a passion, became a family-owned, art retail business. Today, Art(sea) specializes in unique, original designs, delicately hand-painted on glassware by Genaye.

Custom works of art make the perfect gift for every occasion!

Linnea Chisholm

Livi Resort wear

Livi Resort Wear is an emerging Bahamian brand that focuses on the ethos of the active and stylish woman ‐ clothing that must be functional and comfortable. From riding waves to lounging in an upscale cabana, Livi is a brand that makes the tropic feels like home.

A unique Bahamian brand designed and made under the sea!