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Deltec Annual Conference 2018

More than any time in history, the future is uncertain, as investors, policymakers and companies contend with significant opportunities juxtaposed with substantial risks. We invite you to the 2018 Deltec Annual Conference: Mind the Future

In 2018, we will explore areas that are fundamental to the preservation and growth of your capital: Protecting our existence in a time of unprecedented changes in geopolitics. Changing our lives in a time of extraordinary discoveries in medical science. Augmenting mankind’s course through rapid developments in technology. We discuss these important issues alongside keynote speakers at the forefront of these areas, and conclude with investment ideas to capitalize on the opportunities and risks presented by this future.

This year, we are excited to simultaneously be hosting the Deltec Innovation Forum, a new platform for innovative entrepreneurs and companies to present their businesses, identify partnerships, strategic opportunities and financial solutions.

For over 70 years, Deltec has been providing financial services globally. As we embark upon our next phase of growth, join us as we develop new ways to position for this future.

The Speakers

As we thought about our theme for this year’s Deltec Annual Conference, “Mind the Future”, we thought well beyond understanding what the future would look like – we exchanged ideas about opportunities and risks, and how these may manifest across our lives, businesses and investments.

The areas of Geopolitics, Medical Science and Technology surfaced consistently throughout our discussions.

As we consider the future for geopolitics, we think about how power is changing, not only in the traditional geographic sense, but also in terms of how it is wielded. As we consider the future for medical science, we think about how biotechnology is changing our lives now, and also how it is changing the prospects for our life in the future. As we consider the future for technology, we think about how rapid the changes are occurring, and how this transforms industries and even how we innovate. Above all, as we consider the future, we think about how to capitalize on it, as humans, citizens and investors in this shared future.

We are so excited for you to join us as we engage with globally recognized experts in the fields of Geopolitics, Medical Science, Technology and Investments.

Jacob Shapiro
The Future of Power: The New Era of Geopolitics

The best geopolitical forecasters are those whose predictions appear to be the work of the mentally deranged that is until they are proven true. In that spirit, we will analyze some of the world’s key regions and countries from a geopolitical perspective. We will explore North America, Eurasia, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. We will delve into the futures of some of these regions’ most important countries, including but not limited to China, Poland, Turkey, and Japan. We will talk about the most important forces affecting the future of these areas, and make controversial predictions for both the year ahead and for the world in 2038. Most importantly, we will think geopolitically: we will predict the future through an intense study of the interplay between history, geography and power, and the implications for investments.

Dr. Kris Verburgh
Rewriting Your Future: Life in the Second Biotech Age

In the First Biotech Age (17th century – 2016) we discovered how the human body works and how diseases originate. In the Second Biotech Age, we will develop therapies that can actually cure various diseases and will be able to act with much more precision on the body and disease processes. In this age, many diseases will be curable, life will be rewritten, and medicine is precise and personalized. We will discuss these ideas, and how the Fourth Industrial Revolution will impact medicine and our lives, and how treating and reversing the aging process will transform medicine. We will also discuss new paradigm shifts in medicine and what they mean for our health, bodies and brains, life spans and investments. Link to The Longevity Code

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Garry Golden
Risking the Future: The Next Phase of Technology

Despite all the hype, the potential of data-driven innovations based on artificial intelligence and blockchain continue to provoke greater uncertainty in the minds of business leaders concerned about navigating industry transitions. We will explore how investors may prepare for this age of AI-led operations by leveraging workplace experience data and graph analytics. We will also look to find genuine signals from the noise of investments in blockchain applications with a focus on transformations in supply chains, healthcare, media and finance based on the creation of new programmable asset classes.

Atul Lele
Capitalizing on Change

More than any time in recent history, the coming period is characterized by a major regime shift for economies and markets. The end of the era of policy driven liquidity growth is successfully shepherding in a new era of capital investment driven productivity growth. This is generating immense technological changes that are challenging the conventional notions of industrial production, inflation and asset prices, leading to significant investment opportunities, but also substantial risks. We will guide you through our latest views on these areas, our outlook for global economic conditions by region, and identify specific opportunities across investment markets to capitalize on the future.

The Innovation Forum

Ideas and dreams only become reality as entrepreneurs transform them into businesses and companies. It runs in Deltec's veins to advocate for those who dared to follow their vision and innovate with audacity and determination. Thus, our Innovation Forum is pleased to introduce a selection of companies that, we believe, are a step ahead of the curve, addressing needs of tomorrow. We are honored to welcome these thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, builders of dreams and creators of value, on their path to making the world a more efficient place.


AB Science

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Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Paris, France, AB Science is a pharmaceutical company listed on EuroNext (Paris) with discoveries leading to ground-breaking treatments in a wide range of diseases, including Alzheimer. AB Science’s development are based on protein kinase inhibitors (PKIs), a class of targeted proteins which action are key in signaling pathways within cells. The company has a number of Phase III for different indications and so far has succeeded beyond expectation. Their programs target mostly diseases with high unmet medical needs, often terminal, and have been shown to be highly effective even with refractory cases to previous lines of treatment for different cancers, inflammatory diseases, and central nervous system issues.


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Astrocast, a private company established in partnership with ESA, Airbus and Thuraya, is developing an advanced nano-satellite IOT network. A global net of satellites allows ground or remote assets to communicate wherever there is view of the sky, revolutionizing communication and quite literally connecting the entire planet. Data sent to and from this space network are collected by ground stations, and conveniently made available to customers through a secured internet gateway. Mentioned by many specialized media as one of the most promising new space start-up of 2017, the company has raised originally $4m and is now moving to its second stage of development.

View presentation here is the very successful premier source for everything Bitcoin-related, a user-friendly hub that serves as a helpful welcome, guide, and ongoing companion to everyone from novices to sophisticated crypto-experts. The platform offers many user-friendly services and guides to facilitate for instance Bitcoins pricing and buying, choosing a wallet to store their Bitcoins, keeping enthusiasts up to date with the latest Bitcoin news, and giving anyone a direct line to the Bitcoin community through the Forum.



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Geosatis is the new paradigm in non-violent criminal prisoner’s electronic monitoring, and more. Imagined and invented by a very thinking-forward team, and produced in the Jura’s part of Switzerland mostly dedicated to watch making, the arm or ankle bracelet of Geosatis is small, unbreakable, and needs only one electric charge a day. This new monitoring is so sophisticated that it is not only conquering the prisoner’s market but is becoming an overall solution of electronic monitoring that can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of each customer, with applications for Alzheimer patients, teenagers or even pet animal retrieving. This technology allows also to collect a wide array of data that helps to successfully insure the re-integration of non-violent inmates into society.



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Inatherys is a biotechnology company that has pioneered a ‘Trojan Horse’ that targets, enters, and eliminates hematologic and solid cancers. Inatherys has characterized and developed monoclonal antibodies against innovative key targets in cancer and inflammatory diseases with their leading asset, INA03, expected to start Phase I in mid-2018. Inatherys is based in Genopole, in expert company within the largest bio cluster in France (Evry), with a laboratory at Institute Imagine in Paris.



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MobileAssist is the only featured start-up to be based out of our home country of the Bahamas. A location-based global directory application that allows companies to create and list fully functional, stand-alone applications within the global application. Users are able to browse the businesses and organizations listed on MobileAssist, and directly transact and communicate with the various listed company’s core businesses. This powerful platform allows any business, organization, or even individual to have personalized mobile application presence with 48 hours, all without the need to go through the costly and time consuming process of building out your own mobile application. MobileAssist is available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.



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TheraVectys is a privately owned company issued from the Pasteur Institute in Paris. At its fingertips, over 20 years of research on lentiviral vectors and the discovery by Dr. Pierre Charneau (Founder of Theravectys) of the DNA flap have brought on a spectacular paradigm shift into therapeutic or prophylactic immunology, with a technology able to target a nearly limitless amount of indications in infectious and cancer diseases, in animals and humans. To address the widest market possible, Theravectys is focusing on pre-clinical studies and on establishing co-developments with other biotech and pharmas for clinical studies in human. TheraVectys leverages its unique proprietary platform to deliver remarkably safe and efficient immuno-responses to critically unmet medical needs. Simply said, TheraVectys' technology is probably one of the most significant discoveries made at the Pasteur institute since Louis Pasteur’s discovery of the vaccine against rabies.


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VeChain is the leading blockchain company that provides industrial application of the Blockchain technology. Their Blockchain-as-a-service solution to clients allows them to answer critical needs of their customers in a unique and innovative way . Their technology is already used to track counterfeit goods for a major luxury brand and on the way to extend to many others, becoming the lead application to ensure authenticity of goods. VeChain makes the Blockchain Technology a key component of businesses by providing applications that are vital for their development and security.