Through our investment team and direct investment partners, we provide corporate advisory services to the businesses of our clients and their families. These services include:

  • Advice on mergers, sales, acquisitions, and spin-offs
  • Monetization and exit strategies for small to mid-cap family businesses

The market for Initial Public Offerings has never been more complex or challenging. The Deltec IPO Advisory team brings extensive knowledge of IPOs, including macroeconomic and investment market analysis; sector intelligence; company valuation; deal structuring; governance frameworks; and investor relations.

Our Corporate Advisory team helps to guide and manage many aspects of the IPO process. By providing the insight and strategic counsel that your executives and company need when considering the IPO process, Deltec can help companies be more prepared from the inception of the pre-IPO stage through the crossover investor stage into the launch of the IPO and during the post-IPO phase. By mitigating the risks of being unprepared for investor pushback of your business plan or corporate structure, and maximizing opportunities during the most important phase of your firm’s evolution - Deltec will be your partner that allows you to remain focused on the growth of your company.

We often begin with a pre-IPO assessment that includes:

  •  Detailed analysis of the macroeconomic and market environment cycle
  •  Analysis of sector, including detailed comparable company valuations
  •  Review of corporate and governance structure, and
  •  Identification, analysis and strategy to mitigate potential investor risks and concerns

Our service offering includes:

  •  Pre-IPO assessment
  •  Market intelligence and advice
  •  Identification of appropriate timelines for capital raising
  •  Selection and management of Underwriters
  •  Selection and management of Legal Counsel
  •  Sourcing of potential Crossover Investors
  •  Selection of Tax Counsel
  •  Investor relations and communications strategy
  •  Analyst relations strategy
  •  Executive recruitment